Environmental protection and sustainability are central to the design of every Evergreen tyre. The advanced rubber compound used in our tyres maximises grip whilst minimising rolling resistance, resulting in a longer lasting tyre with exceptional fuel economy.

Our advanced silica based rubber compound enables this reduced rolling resistance and improved fuel efficiency without compromising safety and grip in wet or dry driving conditions.

Opened in 2009, our Evergreen factory was built using the latest equipment and environmentally friendly production techniques; this means Evergreen Tyres require less energy and raw materials to produce than many other tyre brands.

Our factory has proudly achieved the ISO 140001 International Environmental Standard ensuring that we minimise the effect that Evergreen Tyres cause to the environment and that we continually work to find ways of improving how we achieve this.

Sustainability and environmental protection are central to the Evergreen product – please like our Facebook page to keep updated with the latest information regarding our environmental protection initiatives.