Billy Foy: “Snake Pass? No problem” – Evergreen Tyre Challenge

The first month of the Evergreen Tyre Challenge is complete! Postal worker Billy Foy, from Rainhill in Merseyside, is our first tester to report on the Evergreen EU72’s he had fitted.

“Not long after the  tyres were fitted I needed to go to Sheffield,” he said. “I was using the Snake Pass, which can be horrible, but the tyres coped well. Obviously I was paying attention to the tyres but if I hadn’t been I wouldn’t have been aware of them. There was no drama, the whole journey was just pleasant.

“I was thinking about the test because the tyres had just been fitted, but in every corner the handling was exactly how it should be. I came back on the Woodhead Pass but again, everything was smooth. The noise level is good too, I can’t say I’ve noticed that increase.”