Billy puts car trouble behind him – but his Evergreen tyres remain reliable


This month saw Evergreen Tyre Tester Billy Foy tackling some mechanical issues with his car which reduced his mileage – but throughout it all one key component continued to perform.

His Evergreen EU72 tyres have been consistently reliable on long and short journeys and, while his car was struck by other issues, throughout it all his tyres just kept on working hard.

“I have driven reduced mileage as the car has required repairs,” he said. “But the good news is that there have been no issues affecting the tyres. They have just kept doing what they do while I’ve taken the car to the garage for repairs. It’s only when you have car problems you realise how important your tyres are. If you’re driving carefully to get to a mechanic you become very aware of what your tyres are doing and the Evergreen tyres I have are still working really well.

“Now the car is back up to speed, and the weather picked up, I’ve been driving around more, motorways and local roads mostly. From the tyres upwards driving is feeling great again!”