Evergreen offers Dyna-mic choice in UHP

Ultra high performance tyres are fitted to more vehicles than ever – with a range of consumers demanding different things from the sector Evergreen offers a choice.

Its Dynacontrol range includes two UHP options – the ES880 and EU728.

The 880 is specifically focused on SUVs and performance vehicles with larger rims, with grooved shoulder blocks to maintain cornering traction, wet or dry, and a tread design which minimises noise from these larger wheels.

Evergreen offers a wider range of fitments in the 728, from 16” all the way up to 20”, including some lower profile fitments to suit the sportier vehicle.

Both are designed to give driver’s intuitive control and exceptional comfort, and both have been formulated with long-lasting silica compounds to ensure they have an impressively long life.

“In the UHP sector today Evergreen feels that drivers need options,” said Evergreen Tyres Sales Director Sean Maddocks.

“These tyres are asked to perform across very different applications. We believe that drivers are looking for the tyre that best suits their needs. By offering a choice in UHP, we are giving them control over their driving experience.

“The entire Dyna range employs the latest design and manufacturing techniques and packages them up into a family of excellent tyres that are reliable, efficient and responsive.

“Retailers who stock Evergreen already report great real-world feedback, so if you haven’t yet considered Evergreen, visit www.evergreentyres.co.uk and see for yourself.”

Contact info@evergreen.co.uk to find out how to become an Evergreen dealer.