Evergreen’s #EverydayExceptional claim put to the test with tyre challenge

Three volunteer consumers have been selected to take part in the Evergreen Tyre Challenge – the most comprehensive tyre test the brand has ever undertaken – to put its ‘Everyday, Exceptional’ credentials under scrutiny.

The development of Evergreen’s ‘Everyday, Exceptional’ tyre range has long been a source of pride for the brand. But with consumers more engaged than ever with the products they buy – and with ever higher expectations – Evergreen has decided to let consumers have their say.

We invited applications from across the UK for our Evergreen Tyre Challenge – giving three drivers the opportunity to test our tyres for a year to see how they perform in the real-world rather than a controlled lab test.

Drawn from different locations and walks of life and all placing differing demands on their tyres, meet the Evergreen Tyre Challenge drivers:

  • Laura Knight – a 28-year-old mum from Hawick in Scotland who drives a Vauxhall Corsa VXR. She drives 10-15,000 miles per year.
  • Tim Holmes – a 36-year-old managing director of a web design and development firm in Halifax who drives a Nissan Qashquai +2. He drives roughly 10,000 miles per year.
  • Billy Foy – a 50-year-old mail worker from Rainhill in Merseyside who drives a Vauxhall Vectra. He drives approximately 9,000 miles per year

The three successful applicants each received a free set of Evergreen Tyres and a digital tread gauge. They will report back each month on the performance of their tyres, from tread depth to their opinion of the grip and handling. We will then share their views with you on our news page at www.evergreentyres.co.uk/news/.

Evergreen UK Commercial Manager Peter Cross said: “We pride ourselves on our Everyday Exceptional reputation, but it’s time to put that to the test.

“Our tyres are built for the rigours of everyday life, designed to be safe, reliable, predictable and long-lasting. But testing that is one thing, living with it is another.

“We have asked these volunteers to live with Evergreen and give us the best possible feedback on what our tyres are like on the school run, the commute, the holiday road trip. We’re not asking them to race them or go off-road, just to treat them like any other tyres and let us know what they think.”