From school runners to sales stunners – Evergreen’s winter tyres help drivers remain #EverydayExceptional

Winter tyres rarely get discussed in the UK – they are not part of our driving culture – but with snow chaos in recent years, maybe it’s about time that changes.

Extra grippy and made of a compound that performs best in low temperatures, winter tyres can make a real difference to driving safety and control when severe wintry weather hits.

Evergreen has two variants of winter tyre – the symmetrical EW62 and the asymmetrical EW66.

The EW62 is formulated to remain soft in low temperatures, maintaining traction and cornering stability.

Its reinforced centre rib maintains handling control for longer, even at speed, while gradually widening lateral grooves and sipes help keep the tread clear of debris and channel water and sleet away from the contact area.

If maximum grip is what you’re looking for, the asymmetrical design of the EW66 offers a greater contact area in corners.

A heavy concentration of grooves ensure that, even in snow, the EW66 is capable of retaining grip while it’s upgraded silica compound further adds to its ability to hold the road.

A serrated outer main groove edge offers extra bite when braking and its triple-channel tread design helps preserve stopping distance and contact with the road in cold, wet conditions.

Evergreen UK Commercial Manager Peter Cross said: “As the UK is experiencing more regular severe weather events, it’s time we started to think more seriously about winter tyres.

“Last winter many drivers found themselves unable to travel as their summer tyres were effectively useless as snow storms hit Britain.

“While the worst storms will always have an impact, winter tyres do enable drivers to safely travel in much more wintry conditions than standard summer tyres. Evergreen tyres are a safe, cost-effective way to try winter tyres and experience the difference for yourself.”