Laura impressed with DynaControl tyre wear v premium brand!


Three months into her tyre test and Laura Knight reports that the Evergreen DynaControl tyres we fitted to her Vauxhall Corsa VXR are wearing down at half the rate of her previous premium brand!

“The VXR is really hard on tyres, she said. “It’s a great car but we have always found that tyres don’t last as long on it as they have on other cars we’ve owned. For that reason we’ve always taken a careful look at the tyre tread on it, as they would get to the legal limit much faster.

“Since testing the Evergreen Dynacontrol however we have clocked up more than 9,000 miles and the tyres are showing a lot longer lifespan than the premium brand we had on before them. This month I did score the Dynacontrol down a point for grip, although bearing in mind the weather conditions I still think they’re doing a great job!”