Mile after mile – Evergreen’s DynaMaster gives van drivers peace of mind

After a year in which van drivers have provided the primary connection between retailers and customers due to lockdown restrictions, having tyres you can trust is more important than ever.

From tradesmen to online deliveries, DynaMaster from Evergreen Tyres has earned a reputation for giving van drivers exceptional performance – even under load – and pinpoint handling in a tyre which consistently delivers impressive cost per mile.

Built on a sturdy carcass from an advanced, hard-wearing silica compound, DynaMaster can be relied upon for mile after mile.

Coupled with the engineering knowhow that gives its Dyna passenger car cousins intuitive handling and sharp braking, DynaMaster is a van tyre designed with the driver in mind.

“Van drivers have a really tough job and they need equipment they can rely on,” said Sean Maddocks, Evergreen Tyres’ UK Sales Director.

“They drive some of the longest hours on the road, a lot of that in urban areas. They need tyres that react to every input, that offer a comfortable ride and that maintain good condition and tread depth under extensive use.

“It is not just van drivers who need tyres to keep going, consumers do too. With people still living under travel restrictions, van drivers offer people a lifeline, a way to get the things they need without leaving home.

“DynaMaster’s hard wearing, comfortable design means it is suited for every light commercial van application. If your customer is relying on you, you can rely on DynaMaster.”

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