Test tyres still showing Billy love this Valentine’s Day

OK, that may be the worst Valentine’s pun you’ve seen this year, but Evergreen Tyre Challenge tyre tester Billy Foy reports that our EU72 tyre continues to deliver consistently high performance three months in.

Our Merseyside-based independent test volunteer did fewer miles than usual this month but continued to report the same impressive level of grip, comfort and braking, despite deteriorating weather through January into February.

“The mild weather turned to rain and eventually snow this month,” he said. “While I didn’t need to head out in the snow, when the wind and rain came in I didn’t notice any change in the way the tyres behaved. I was able to drive normally and the tyres stood up to the challenge well.”

Three months in and Billy’s assessment of the Evergreen EU72 tyre has remained high after just over 3,000 miles of driving. His grip score has actually increased as the tyres have bedded in from four stars to five stars while comfort and braking have not altered yet with nine months to go!