Time for you to put our #EverydayExceptional tyres to the test

Evergreen is offering free tyres to consumers who apply to take part in the Evergreen Tyre Challenge*.

Applications are now open for drivers to take part in the challenge, a real-world, 12-month test of Evergreen tyres by real people going about their everyday lives.

Everyone accepted to take part in the challenge will get a free set of brand new Evergreen tyres. All you have to do is provide feedback each month for a year on how they perform.

Evergreen UK Commercial Manager Peter Cross said: “We pride ourselves on our Everyday Exceptional reputation, but it’s time for the people to put us to the test.

“Busy mums, hectic commuters, salesmen whose office is the car, all these and more are Evergreen customers and we want them to tell us how our tyres are working for them.”

If selected to take part in the Evergreen Challenge, you will need to provide photos and short written accounts of your monthly driving, along with some basic mileage and tyre health information – things all drivers are advised to check each month.

Your assessments will be collated and shared across the Evergreen website and social channels for the world to read and will become a real-time review of what Evergreen tyres are like to live with.

And at the end of the challenge, you get to keep the tyres!

“We’ve always been confident in our product,” said Peter. “We know it is long lasting, we know it gives drivers great control and a safe, comfortable ride.

“It’s one thing us saying that, that is what you’d expect. This is an opportunity for real consumers to offer up their real thoughts about Evergreen tyres, based on their own personal experience over a period of time.

“We believe it’s an invaluable opportunity for us to get some fantastic and unique feedback. We’re looking forward to meeting our Evergreen Tyre Challengers.”

To apply to take part in the Evergreen Tyre Challenge, visit the Evergreen Tyres facebook page and send us a direct message.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please email info@evergreentyres.co.uk to find out more